Hand Wash and Face Masks – How to Protect Yourself From the Coronavirus

There is no doubt that a cure for this dreaded virus, named the “Coronavirus”, has been in the works for several years. Unfortunately, because of a combination of the economic downturn and a lack of resources to develop and test a vaccine, the development of a vaccine is still at a very early stage.


Many Americans are now taking the self-administered antiviral drugs like Relenza, a flu vaccine, for preventative or primary vaccination against the disease. But there’s still no guarantee that it will work, since many people are infected with the virus even after self-vaccination.

Recent studies have shown that the flu-like symptoms of the Coronavirus could cause severe complications during the onset of the disease. During this time, patients can easily succumb to heart attack and stroke. It is also possible for patients to develop serious gastrointestinal problems which have already affected or who are currently being treated with high doses of corticosteroids and other anti-inflammatory drugs.

Therefore, it’s important to use the hand wash and face masks. The infection does not just attack the respiratory tract; it also causes severe discomfort and fever.

Viruses such as this do not only cause flu-like symptoms; they can also be passed on by touching the eyes, nose and mouth of the infected person. With its high fat content, the virus is easy to transmit between two people.

Therefore, it is essential to use the protection. This way, you can eliminate the possibility of a possible spread of the virus.

Hand wash and face masks are the most practical way to prevent and protect against Coronavirus infection. They’re highly effective when used as preventive measures. Therefore, use it every time you handle food or drink that is unopened or unrefrigerated.

Furthermore, cleaning the hands regularly with antibacterial soap can significantly decrease the chance of infection and consequent illnesses caused by the high fat content of the virus. Following these simple practices can greatly reduce the chances of becoming infected by the Coronavirus.

If you do get contaminated with the virus, seek medical attention immediately; contact your doctor immediately because the Coronavirus is one of the easiest to transmit. It could also be transmitted through respiratory droplets.

Even if you have had the flu vaccine, you still need to use the hand and face masks to protect yourself against the Coronavirus. In addition, if you have not yet had the flu shot and you think you might have contracted the Coronavirus, you should take special precautionary measures.

During preparation for your flu shot, you should take care to follow strict hygiene measures to minimize the risk of any complications. Use of the hand and face masks while handling food or drink that is unopened or unrefrigerated is essential.

Hand and face masks should be used in a place where there are not many people, which is a restaurant, a mall, a public bathroom or any place where many people are passing through. And if you are doing something that would bring children into the vicinity, make sure you don’t allow them to come into contact with your face or body.