Face Masks For the Protection Against the Coronavirus

A new study has reported that a virus can affect humans and can also cause pneumonia and other serious infections when in contact with another person infected with the virus. The virus, named as “coronaviruses”, is transmitted through contact. The study also shows that an estimated 20% of the human population with coronaviruses have no idea that they are already infected and can be infectious. And guess what else? You may very well be among them!


A hand washing is a must for everyone in the world to safeguard their bodies against the virus. And a hand washing is not only for personal hygiene. Hand washing should include the complete family, especially babies, children and pregnant women. Children’s toys, bedding and clothes should be washed thoroughly, especially children’s toys made of wood, vinyl and synthetic fibers. This helps reduce transmission of the disease. In fact, many medical researchers believe that a hand washing program that includes children under the age of five is important in stopping the spread of coronaviruses in the future.

Hand washing is a necessary act in order to prevent diseases such as pneumonia and other viruses and bacteria that can infect people at their most vulnerable and at the same time, it helps to protect all family members from getting infected. Washing your hands is one way to lessen the risk of catching the disease.

Hand washing is one way of preventing the spread of the disease, particularly to the infants and the young children. The virus has the ability to penetrate the skin of the baby by entering through the tears of the eyes, nose or mouth. The virus can easily enter the blood stream when the child breathes.

Hand washing is also essential to prevent the transmission of other bacteria and viruses to other parts of the body. The bacterium remains viable and can travel through the blood stream and enter the bloodstream of the next person that touches it. In this case, the next person is the family member who is infected and the virus has the potential to spread from one individual to another.

Hand washing is a necessity not only for the infants and the young children, but also for all the family members that do not have the immunity to the disease yet. The virus can enter through the open cuts and wounds and can infect any part of the body. and the longer it stays, the more likely it is for the virus to spread throughout the whole body. The virus can go to the heart, the brain, the lungs, the liver, the kidneys and the intestines and even the brain and the nervous system of an infected individual.

If hand washing is not enough, people can also use other ways to avoid getting contaminated with the virus. There are many face masks available in the market today, which can help you to keep the virus from entering your body. The use of these masks can prevent you from the infection of the virus. They are made of polyethylene and other materials which prevent the entry of the virus to enter the blood stream of the body and it protects the skin from contamination. This is why face masks are recommended to everyone who works in an environment where there are many people or in an area where the virus can be easily transmitted.

Hand washing is the only way of staying away from the infection. When using any kind of a face mask, it is important to remember that the use of disinfectants must be avoided at all times.