Can Use Medical Masks Improve the Effectiveness of Face Washing?

The latest bird flu news involves a new strain of a disease that has been known for some time but has only lately been connected to humans. It is called Coronaviruses globularis. This is the same family as bird flu, so understanding how this particular strain can infect humans, and what kind of effect it can have on those who are infected, is very important. It could be possible that this new strain becomes the next bird flu, and the ability to protect ourselves and our loved ones from it need to be understood.


Our ability to protect ourselves has evolved over the centuries with the advent of new pathogens and diseases, so we need modern methods of protecting ourselves against disease. There are a variety of ways that we can get ourselves protected, including the use of face masks, gloves, surgical masks, respirators, masks that cover the nose and mouth, eye protection and other forms of protection. Hand washing and mask wearing can certainly slow down the spread of this new virus, but at the moment, masks are generally in short supply in most countries, and timely hand washing is usually impossible due to the contamination of public water supplies.

In this study, the effectiveness of three kinds of face masks was tested against the most common strain of the globularis. All of these kinds of face masks had higher success in containing and preventing the infection than the average face mask. However, all kinds of surgical masks had much lower success rates. It may be that the level of expertise that goes into making these surgical masks is not high enough to effectively filter out this kind of virus.

It is also not clear why surgical masks had a lower success rate compared to other forms of face protection. In general, there is very little research on the efficacy of medical products and devices, so it is difficult to draw any conclusion here. One possibility is that people are less likely to use hand wash procedures at clinics or hospitals compared to home. Also, some people may simply prefer using surgical masks over other types of hand wash products.

However, there is still some debate as to whether the average person is able to make full use of surgical masks. The difficulty may be that the face mask is so new that there is still a large segment of the general public that has yet to experience the benefits. There is no reason to expect that the general public will suddenly become aware of the serious health threat posed by coronavirus and the need to protect themselves from it. The general public also has a rather short attention span when it comes to diseases and infectious agents. People only become aware of new outbreaks of flu and other seasonal issues if they have been exposed to them.

It is possible that medical masks can indeed have a significant impact on the current outbreak of coronavirus in Suffolk. This would imply that the number of reported cases in the last week is actually an increase rather than an indication that there is not sufficient current prevention. If this is the case, then it is likely that the recent outbreak has been caused by under awareness amongst the general public. Many people may simply be unaware of the dangers, which makes it more important for medical professionals to emphasise the importance of investing in high quality face protection. In fact, this is precisely what should be done in a scenario where there are higher than normal cases of sickness among young people.

The fact that the latest outbreak of flu has reached an alarming level in the UK underlines the need for increased efforts to raise awareness. There is also a need to invest in high quality personal protective equipment. The process of using hand washing facilities at work and using masks while at home is something that can be encouraged. However, there are still many people who cannot afford to follow this simple precaution. The effect of this is that there are still thousands of people within the UK who are uninformed about the serious nature of this pandemic and the importance of using high quality masks during cold weather to prevent the spread of this virus.

High quality face masks are designed to prevent the entry of this virus into the body through the nose and mouth. This means that individuals can protect themselves from the risks posed by this condition without having to visit the washroom every single time they feel their face might sweat. As a result, high quality face masks are essential for those who want to protect themselves from this particular type of illness.